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With evidence-informed and best-practice concussion management, ACC experts support students, athletes and their parents from injury to recovery.

Return to Learn

The Return to Learn protocol recommends that a child or adolescent achieve successful return to school before Return to Play. ACC’s RTL approach involves close coordination with elementary and high schools as well as colleges and universities, and is facilitated by occupational therapists and neuropsychologists in order to maximize your child’s potential to successfully return to school as soon as possible.

Return to Play

Athletes who play competitive sports require special management to ensure a full recovery. Using a well-researched step-by-step process in order to ensure successful RTP, ACC’s clinicians have successfully returned countless athletes to their sport, safely and confidently.

Baseline Testing

ACC offers baseline testing as a tool to view the most commonly affected thinking systems when they are healthy, working normally, and supporting your child’s normal athletic and academic performance. ACC’s evidence-informed approach supports both clarity and confidence in clearing students and athletes for the safest and most expedient Returns to their sports, classroom, and their lives.

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Return To Learn (RTL)

Successful, complete RTL must be achieved before returning student-athletes to play and sport. Students should be performing at their academic ‘baseline’ before returning to sport. On the flip side, extended time away from school, peer groups, sport or extra-curricular activities can impose severe penalties on a developing child. Permanent changes can be imposed with poorly managed recoveries.

While confusing and daunting for some students, youth-athletes, their parents and schools, successful Returns to school are possible when coordinated with all involved. ACC RTL approach involves close coordination with elementary and high schools as well as colleges and universities, and are informed by individualized treatment plans, facilitated by neuropsychologists and other expert health care providers with experience in concussion management and RTL pathways.

Return To Play (RTP)

RTP and activity is everyone’s goal after concussion. But returning too soon puts an individual or athlete at the greatest risk of re-injury or prolonged recovery. Guidance is needed for individuals of any age who suffer concussions to Return them to competitive or recreational sports and activities. For some, this process may take only days and recovery can be achieved fairly quickly and uneventfully.

Many individuals suffer symptoms for weeks or longer, and in these instances, expert guidance and assistance is vital. Athletes who play competitive and collision sports require special management and evaluation to ensure a full recovery. We have supported athletes from Pee Wee to professional, Junior B to Olympic-level, high school and beer league members, as well as a full spectrum of recreational athletes in achieving successful RTP.

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