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Our clinic offers the leading edge in concussion care, from prevention and baseline testing through to post-injury assessment. We utilize ImPACT, Dynavision, a fully equipped movement area, and other advanced clinical tools as part of our assessment, care, and in providing clearance for Return-to-Learn and Return-to-Play.

Dynavision Training System

Dynavision is visual motor training system which was originally developed to improve the visual and motor skills of competitive athletes. As proven by recent research, the combined visual, cognitive, and gross motor elements have allowed Dynavision to become a valuable clinical tool for both baseline testing and concussion management.

At ACC, Dynavision is used for athletes of all ages and levels to improve reaction time, peripheral visual awareness, and decision making under stress, further supporting development of an individual’s field of vision which helps to avoid blind side hits. Semi-professionals to high school athletes receive customized programs that are sport and position specific.

Saccade Analytics

Saccade Analytics utilizes virtual reality to measure and quantify eye movements using state of the art technology and software. An 8-minute test, Saccade Analytics measures quick alternating eye movements, eye coordination, gaze stability, motion sensitivity, reaction time, and more. Within minutes, a metrics based report is generated, which can be used to track patient progress and can aid in decision making regarding Return to Play, Return to Learn, or discharge planning. In concussion rehabilitation, it becomes challenging to obtain purely objective data over time, as patients learn and adapt to testing. With Saccade Analytics, straightforward data and metrics are delivered, which is invaluable in concussion management and care.


Plantiga is a movement analytics software platform that is powered by insoles inserted into the shoes. This new technology aims to quantify the biomechanics of the lower limb while walking, which has implications for assessing postural control, stability, gait analysis, injury prevention, and recovery tracking. With measurements such as asymmetry load, total load, contact time, flight time, rotation force, landing force and acceleration, Plantiga offers a groundbreaking look into the complex and newly studied world of biomechanics and postural control after a concussion.

The ImPACT Test

The use of computerized neurocognitive testing, such as ImPACT, has become the standard of care in the evaluation and management of sports related concussion. ImPACT, the only FDA approved concussion evaluation instrument, is used by such organizations as the NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, thousands of high schools, colleges and universities, and hundreds of medical clinics and hospitals and is a fundamental element of ACC’s overall approach to concussion management.

The ImPACT test is used to monitor subtle changes in brain function that are not evident in clinical examination or imaging alone. It measures cognitive functions such as attention, memory, reaction time, and processing speed and, together with other measures and clinical evaluation, is used to identify impairment and to track resolution over time. ACC’s Director of Neuropsychology, Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt, R.Psych., is BC’s only Certified ImPACT Clinician. As a medical professional with specialty training in ImPACT use, Dr. Rosenblatt views ImPACT data comparatively with pre-injury baseline testing, evaluates pre- and post-injury test performances, and coordinates safe and timely Return to Sport and school.

Movement Area

Research demonstrates use of a structured graduated exercise program can increase speed of recovery and return to activity. We have an open-plan, fully equipped movement area to allow patients to work towards exertion tolerance retraining goals, or sport-specific targets. Lighting is carefully managed to tolerance, with access to outdoor areas to further train and rehabilitate systems to support outdoor sports and usual activities of daily living.

Our Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy team support patients through an individualized concussion-specific exertion tolerance building therapy program, together with sport retraining and conditioning plans as appropriate, with customized exercises and continued functional movement analysis.

Advanced Clinical Tools

Alongside the technology that we use here at ACC, we also use a number of evidence based tools to clinically inform the team on your recovery, track progress, and facilitate an efficient return to work, school, or play. We are continually researching and updating these measures to ensure that we are using the most up to date and clinically relevant tools.

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