Car Accident Claims & Services

Helping you navigate your treatment with your car accident.

ACC’s unwavering dedication to a truly patient-centered, evidence-based interdisciplinary collaborative approach, stands alone in B.C. Our singular dedication and specialization in the field of concussion allows our team to provide the most optimal care.

For B.C. Residents

Less than 12 weeks from MVA

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, are suffering from concussion symptoms and are within 12 weeks from the time of your accident, you can access Advance Concussion Clinic’s services and interdisciplinary team. No referral is needed. Over the course of your treatment, we work closely with your ICBC adjuster to ensure funding approvals so that you can focus on recovery.

More than 12 weeks from MVA
If you are experiencing concussion symptoms and 12 weeks have passed since the time of your accident, we can help navigate your recovery process and work with ICBC on your behalf to coordinate treatment at our interdisciplinary clinic if appropriate. This process often takes longer, as we work with your individual adjuster to review your specific situation and symptoms. A referral from your family physician is helpful to expedite the process.

For Non B.C. Residents

If you were involved in a car accident and are suffering from concussion symptoms, we can help you with your treatment via telehealth. We do not work with out of province insurers regarding treatment funding.