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    Success Stories

    Getting Back to Life

    Getting Back to Life

    After a 7-year journey, Peter Whitelaw is undoubtedly thrilled to fully recover from his concussion. “I was riding my bicycle with my friends on my way to Horseshoe Bay and went through a corner and fell,” says Peter.

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    Hitting the Pavement

    Hitting the Pavement

    It’s ironic that it took a concussion for Amber Dukart to feel like a runner. She recently completed a 10km run in Vancouver where she hit a personal record time, and has her eyes set on completing a half-marathon in the next year.

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    Oculomotor [Vision] Vestibular [Balance] Cervical [Neck Specific] Autonomic [Physiological/Physical] Cognitive [Thinking] Emotional [Mood]

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    We work with leading universities, sports teams and technology providers to advance concussion care in B.C.

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    “Would recommend this place to anyone struggling with concussion and post-concussion symptoms. Their integrated team approach is very helpful and targets all aspects of concussions.” – Carly
    “Dealing with concussion can be complicated, and my team provided me great insight and help and enhanced my self awareness so I could help myself overcome some of the challenges I was having. I would highly recommend the Advanced Concussion Clinic. Thank you Team!” – Bryan

    Twitter Updates

    #BaselineTesting is recommended for all athletes, on an
    annual basis, to aid in the diagnosis and treatment
    planning should that athlete suffer a concussion. Pre- and
    post-injury scores are compared, therefore ensuring the
    most comprehensive and safe #ReturntoPlay decisions.
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    Has your child suffered a #concussion? At #ACC, we guide individuals of any age who suffer concussions
    to #Return them to competitive or recreational sports
    and activities. For some, this process may take only days
    and recovery can be achieved quickly and uneventfully.
    advance_concuss photo
    #ACC offers baseline testing as a tool to view the most
    commonly affected thinking systems when they are
    healthy, working normally, and supporting your child’s
    normal athletic and academic performance. We look
    forward to helping you get your #BaselineTesting at ACC!
    advance_concuss photo
    We, at #ACC, partner with leading colleges and universities
    in Canada to advance the knowledge and research in the
    field of concussion. We frequently present to various
    schools, colleges, and universities on concussion and the
    best #ReturnToLearn and #ReturnToPlay protocols.
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    1367 W Broadway #110, Vancouver, BC V6H 4A7, Canada

    Suite 110
    1367 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC
    V6H 4A7

    9639 137a St, Surrey, BC V3V 0C6, Canada

    Suite 108
    9639 137a St
    Surrey, BC
    V3V 0C6