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Advancing the knowledge and research in the field of concussion.

Advance Concussion Clinic partners with leading colleges and universities in Canada to advance the knowledge and research in the field of concussion. We have an ongoing partnership with the Sport & Exercise Medicine Enhanced Skills Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and have welcomed sports medicine fellowship doctors to learn from our team. We also frequently present to various schools, colleges and universities on the topic of concussion and the best Return to Learn and Return to Play protocols.

With evidence informed, comprehensive baseline testing and best-practice concussion management, ACC experts support students and athletes from injury to recovery.

ACC offers baseline testing as a tool to view the most commonly affected thinking systems when they are healthy, working normally, supporting a student’s normal athletic and academic performance. ACC’s evidence-informed approach supports both clarity and confidence in clearing students and athletes for the safest and most expedient Returns to their sports, classroom, and their lives.

Return To Learn (RTL)

The Return to Learn protocol recommends that a student achieves successful return to school before return to play. ACC’s RTL approach involves close coordination with colleges and universities, and is facilitated by occupational therapists and neuropsychologists, in order to maximize the student’s potential to successfully return to school as soon as possible.

Return To Play (RTP)

Athletes who play competitive sports require special management to ensure a full recovery. Using a well researched step-by-step process in order to ensure successful RTP, ACC’s clinicians have successfully returned countless athletes to their sport, safely and confidently.

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