A Concussion Journey

Posted July 07, 2019
Learn about Michael and his personal experience with concussion and rehabilitation with Advance Concussion Clinic.
It all happened so fast. I was on my way home, it was dark and the rain was coming down hard. I put my wipers at the fastest speed to clear my view, however even at that speed, I felt like it was not much help. I suddenly caught a big puddle, which sucked my car into the median, and as my car hit the median, my car spun across multiple lanes and then it came to a complete stop. Just like the movies…

I looked up after the accident and the first thing I saw was a light coming towards my way, a loud horn followed. The truck swerved and I could feel the vibrations of the vehicles. I got out of the car and realized that my headlights were damaged and my vision was blurry and I could barely process anything. An ambulance and fire truck arrived at the scene and said that I should go to the hospital to examine my head. I went to the hospital and there the doctor said I had suffered a mild concussion. I shared my accident online, where I was introduced to Advance Concussion Clinic from another individual that was involved in an accident as well. He explained to me how his doctor brushed him off with a “mild concussion” only to find out later it worsened.

I wish I have known about Advance Concussion earlier because I had many friends that suffered a concussion and it prevented them from progressing in life. I was taken through a series of exercises such as a reaction test, hearing, balance and vision. The knowledge that I gained in just two hours with Advance Concussion, I wish I knew before. With the help of Advance Concussion, I was able to resume gradually into my training and train with confidence not having to worry about my concussion. They provided me results and facts based on my performance during these examinations.

Interdisciplinary Concussion Management

Recovery is possible.